nutella sandwiches

enough of the boring stuff, what about eating?! we all must be rewarded for enduring the blah blah blahs about money. and what better reward than that true food of the gods, nutella? i don't know how they got it to be that good; i have suspicions of semi-illegal ingredients hidden in the jar, but never mind. it's the closest you can get to crack at the grocery store. let's just be grateful.

back in my school days, the preferred nutella vehicle was just a big spoon, or maybe if you were really daring/lazy, your finger. now, we're all adults and while we still can't break our addiction we can at least indulge in more sophisticated methods. although, to be honest, the method below is hardly sophisticated- all the ingredients can be bought from your local grocery store and assembled in about 10 mins. dress it up with some home-made raspberry sauce and you've got the dreamiest, creamiest, most luscious sandwich ever. maybe i'm groveling a little to make up for the last posts, but you can't say i'm subtle.

nutella sandwiches

1 pound cake; Sara Lee frozen is good.

slice pound cake 1/4 inch thick. spread with nutella and cover with another piece of pound cake. using a grill pan and a heavy skillet, or a sandwich press, press together until warm on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside.

you can also use good french bread and a little sea salt. i've also seen nutella used as a filling in deep fried ravioli, using pre-made wonton wrappers (thanks giada!) i'm sure you can put nutella on broccoli and it would be amazing. more experimenting with nutella to come...

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