today is game day, which means i eat a lot of wings and look through old catalogues. one catalogue that i'm always happy to look at over and over is zingerman's. grace makes fun of me because after i've looked at the catalogue four or five times and read every last word in the description i play this game where i pick one thing i want on each page just to make the experience last longer.

believe me when i tell you that i've read these until they are tattered and stained. everything sounds so delicious and the pictures are hand-drawn. i've been wanting the charles chocolates pâté de fruit for the longest time- if they taste even a fourth as good as the description, i'll be happy.

if you have a foodie in your life, anything from this catalogue would be a great valentine's gift. i especially recommend the dulche de leche, which always elicits the "where did you get that?" endorsement whenever i serve it.


Ann Arbor, MI
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