help internet!

hi internet,

this weekend i was at the morgan library (which, btw, is super cool) and heard a piece of music that was particularly revelatory for me. now, as you might know, i'm a self-proclaim music hater, but it is really just because it is often too overwhelming for me to sift through the wide variety of music available to find new things i like. that is why this experience was so exciting- i was at a museum, looking at some old manuscripts and picked up the headphone to listen to the music shown and wow- it was something i liked. actually, something i loved. the issue now is how to find it. i'd like to download it, because it doesn't make sense to pay for a CD (they all seem really expensive), but i can't seem to find it and i don't understand this whole bit torrent thing. i'd like to post a snippet for you to hear too, but i don't know how to do that and that's why i'm reaching out and maybe we can figure this out together?

the only info. i managed to jot down before i was yelled at by the guard for putting my paper on the glass was this:

john cage, three dances

i know you'll come through.

Jessie said...

I think you can buy and listen to a sample here:
as for playing it on the blog (

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