updates + design

as you may have noticed i've done some light housekeeping around here; adding a blogroll, a search feature and some other nifty doodads. please check them out!

in other design news, i've been looking at these websites recently as examples of what is now dubbed "web 3.0". the first is an adorable look at what happens when you enlist a large group of people for a common task and then post it to the internets.the second is a really engaging look what a post-click world would look like. and the third, which is particularly dear to me, charts the locations of sweet tea in virigina. whenever we drive down to virigina i eagerly await our stop at the first chick-fil-a we see because it means sweet tea. although adding toothache-inducing amounts of sugar to your iced tea doesn't seem like a good idea in these more reasonable parts of the country, i assure you that those southerners are in fact the more enlightened ones.

The Sheep Market

Don't Click It

Sweet Tea
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