it sounds so pathetic to say, but i feel like 2008 has been a year of leaving.
first, our beloved roommate emily, who moved to guatemala for work, left in late january. and now, 4 of our five precious kittens will be moving to their new homes this week. five sad departures and it is only february 8th! please make sure you stick with me this year; i don't think i can bear another goodbye.

the picture above is of hammell- the one kitten we are keeping. i try to console myself by staring at him endlessly, reminding myself i'll be able to watch *this* cat grow and we'll develop our own special bond over the years. to think that this won't be the case with the other 4 kittens is so deeply heartbreaking, but i know that they'll be loved by their new owners, all of whom have expressed their extreme excitement at receiving them, which makes me feel a teensy bit better. and ultimately, i was so fortunate to even have this incredible experience. i'm sure that sometime in the future when i'm having a terrible day and remember the way they all greeted me at the door after work, running on their little stubby legs, or how all five of them would pop their heads up from the bed blanket- a field of kittens!- when they noticed i had stirred in the morning, as if to say hi- i'm sure that on that day all those memories will make me smile so much my heart bursts, and i've forgotten this feeling of it breaking.
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