what i am (links)


the road by cormac mccarthy
deeply disturbing post-apocalyptic coming of age story about a boy and his father. i've almost had to stop reading because the depictions of a burnt/destroyed landscape are so chillingly realistic, but the endurance of the main characters and the deep love they have for one another is worth the discomfort. i'm not done yet, but already the prose is so poetic and sparse that i'm sure it will warrant a second read.

the american heritage cookbook
i picked it up last week at a used bookstore and have hardly been able to tear myself away. a full history of why americans eat what they eat, from the jamestown days to today. it's out of print now, i'm sure partially due to the fact that none of the recipes included in the book seems palatable by today's standards (turtle soup anyone?), but it's a wonderfully entertaining culinary history lesson.

no one belongs here more than you by miranda july
there a lot of aspects of miranda july's work that i really like, but this book was not one of them. essentially the same story told over and over of a pathetic, but humane, person desperate for love. a little too needy for me, and besides, i think we're all a little more functional than her uncharitable descriptions.


raiders of the lost ark
perhaps this is my first time seeing it, but i think i vaguely remember some scenes, so maybe i watched it when i was a kid? regardless, i had never see the crazy ark-shoots-out-blue-electric-light-and-kills-everyone scene, which was so obviously created by someone on drugs. uhhhh, wtf?!

ballroom dancing
sounds boring right? well, it was so boring that while we were watching it, some of us fell asleep. the ones that didn't however were treated to this gem. seriously?! nirvana? these people must have been on drugs too.


liptauer from zingerman's
grace got me this recently and it couldn't be more perfectly timed. i had been desperately wanting something, anything from zingerman's for so long and this cheese was right at the top of my list. i think i ate at least 1/2 the jar in the first sitting.

my favorite cookie done up to the superlative at la maison du chocolat. one of my best friends from college/high school was in town for the weekend and being the chocoholic that she is dragged us (i'm sure we weren't willing!) to the upper east side for a taste of la maison's famed hot chocolate. while chocolate isn't really my thing, i was more than happy to gaze longingly at the macarons (these are the french style- with two flaky shells and some sort of ganache filling- not those coconut ones). i couldn't afford but one and i chose raspberry. it did not disappoint.


i just bought this fabric at ikea and need to learn how to make a roman shade. we have a sewing machine and everything, i just need to find some sort of pattern or how-to. the only permanent damage that having six cats left was a irreparably ripped roman shade.


a miranda july project i really dig is learning to love you more. i've been wanting to do "assignment #63: make an encouraging banner" for a long time now. i've already sent in "#9: draw a constellation of someone's freckles." i got a book which compiles some of the best ones and this one in particular of "assignment #37: write down a recent argument" had me rolling on the floor laughing!

you could buy me anything from this eyeball museum gift shop and i would be happy. who wouldn't?


so i'm admittedly a little crazy, but i think the fact that i've spent over 2 hours in past two days looking at and loving every picture on this blog of photos TAKEN BY CATS (well, only one cat) makes me actually insane. on the other hand, they are eerily beautiful and poignant, right?
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