piranha plant

last week i came down with the stomach flu and spent a couple of days indoors. this, coupled with getting home early due to jury duty, led me to become let's say well-versed with the new super mario galaxy game on wii.

hearing all the hype, i was ready for something special. while it is not completely mind-blowing (although i'm not a gamer, so i don't know what i was expecting), it is pretty entertaining. some of the most fun parts of the game are reliving the nostalgia of playing any mario game the first time- all the familiar sounds, enemies (remember goombas?) and tricks. becoming invincible rainbow mario will always be a good time.

i found a link to this piranha plant on one of the design blogs i read and was so happy to see it made out of my favorite fabric- boiled wool/felt! i would like one of these to put on my desk, but sadly, and unsurprisingly, they are sold out.

Piranha Plant
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