pasta with hashed brussels sprouts and pine nuts

although i love to read orangette, i very rarely make any of molly’s recipes. my taste leans more toward the bolder flavors and subtlety is usually lost on me, so when i came across this recipe at the exact time when i had a pound of brussels sprouts in the fridge and no plan for them, i figured it would be mediocre at best. there are very few flavoring components here- just some nuts and salt and pepper. it was a busy night and after putting the water on to boil and processing the brussels sprouts, i hopped into the shower, leaving grace to take over the recipe until i got out. lo and behold- this is so fast that when i got out of the shower it was already in the bowl, ready to go. and i usually shower for 5 minutes tops. grace was really excited about this meal, but i was a little more skeptical, until i tasted it. somehow the nuttiness of the pine nuts provides the perfect balance and crunch to the barely caramelized brussels sprouts. the touch of cream that holds it together adds a wonderful richness and with lots of salt, black pepper and grated cheese, we both declared this meal restaurant worthy. since, we’ve made it twice more, each time still in awe of how such a fast, cheap, easy meal, can be so decadent and dressy.

pasta with hashed brussels sprouts and pine nuts adapted from orangette

3/4 pound brussels sprouts, cleaned
5 tablespoons pine nuts
1 box dried fettuccine
3 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons heavy cream
grated parmigiano-reggiano for serving

in a food processor fitted with a slicing disk, slice the brussels sprouts into a fine hash. set aside

place a large pot of salted water over high heat

while the water is heating, prepare the pine nuts. place a large, heavy skillet over medium heat. when the pan is warm, add the pine nuts, shaking frequently, toast until golden and fragrant. transfer to a bowl or small plate and set aside. set the pan aside as well, but do not wash it- you'll use it again in a minute.

when the water boils, add the pasta and cook until al dente.

while the pasta cooks, prepare the brussels sprouts. return the skillet to the stove and place over medium high heat. you'll want it to get quite hot. add the olive oil and butter. when the butter has melted add the brussels sprouts and salt. saute, stirring frequently, until bright green and just tender, about 4 mins.

drain pasta, but reserve 1/4 cup cooking water and add it to the skillet with cooked brussels sprout. toss the pasta with the sprouts, add pine nuts and cream and toss again- if pasta seems dry, add a splash or two of cooking water. season with salt and pepper.

serve immediately, with grated cheese and additional salt at the table.


here's a way to understand that even when you cook at home, things still cost money. i'll post the cost breakdown of each meal, and you'll be able to make yummy food even when you're broke...although, if you're reading my other posts, you shouldn't be broke!

1 box fettucine: $3.89
1 lb. brussels sprouts: $1.25
1/6 lb. pine nuts (roughly 5 tablespoons: $2.00 (based on $12 per pound)
1 pint of heavy cream: $2.49
i'm going to assume you have butter and salt and pepper at home
total: $9.63 for four servings, which is $2.40 each serving.

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