location, location

during the dead of winter, i often find myself thinking about greener, warmer pastures. i was reminded recently that it was around this time last year that i was off to puerto rico, for what might have been the most relaxing week of my life (oh- minus the all the roosters- the smelly dead ones and the very alive and LOUD ones). sadly, i won’t be going anywhere this year, but the nice thing about living in a four-season climate is that least i can still look forward to the summer. and surprisingly, last summer i found a place in brooklyn that reminded me of puerto rico. i’m going to tell you about it now, because i want you to forget about it by the time the summer comes- it’s so great that i’m sure you’ll be there every weekend, and then it won’t be as abandoned and serene for me.

if you take the B61 bus to red hook, get off on van brunt street near dikeman. it's a nice walk from here. walk down van brunt until you get to a sign on a street post that instructs you to turn for “key lime pies”. i don’t remember what street it is on and anyway, it is more rustic if we pretend to not know. a couple more blocks down, you’ll turn down a gravel lined dirt road toward a seemingly abandoned warehouse. if you’re in the mood, stop at the tiny door on the far end of the warehouse to pick up one of the most delicious things you’ll ever put in your mouth- a swingle; basically a mini key lime pie on a stick, frozen and dipped in chocolate. it sounds good right? well, it tastes even better. if you’re not in the mood (and who are you?!) then head straight to the end of the row of warehouses. little did you know, but you’re on a pier, and a little bit to the right of the view you see above is the best view of the statue of liberty new york has to offer- and you’re all alone to see it, at a picnic table at the end of a pier eating your swingle. just make sure you’re not there when i arrive.
johnnn said...

I remember chillin out on that pier while tripping a couple years ago! and I definitely remember seeing the Key Lime Pies sign on a previous, non-tripping, pre-Fairway exploration of the Red Hook waterfront and seeing some like weird government-ish no trespassing signs or something and for some reason I was like 'Key Lime Pies, out here? it's obviously a cover for some kind of top-secret government surveillance center that monitors the waterfront'. I'm glad to hear that they're doing a pretty thorough job of keeping up their cover

Heddy said...

that sounds delicious, i wish i could go grab a swingle right now if it werent dark, cold and slushy outside! how did u find this place? more importantly, how could you keep it to yourself all this time?!

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