spring greening

my friend miguel has a great blog called "interior cathedral", where he writes about his faith and his life. one of the highlights of his blog has been reading about his spring resolution of being outdoors and "throw(ing) open the windows." he's biking, spending time at the park, and gardening.

my penpal, david, lives in canada, on acres and acres of land, which is he turning into a bird and animal sanctuary. he sends me amazing stories of owls, and seeds for planting. when he describes his life, i picture him walking in broad strokes of landscape, with wide horizons and no one but himself and some animals for miles.

most days, i spend 8 hours in a office building in downtown manhattan. i take the subway to and from work and often this can feel like i'm just moving from box to box. however, this spring, with the inspiration of my miguel, and some seeds from david, i'm trying to step outside the normal confines of city life. i've started what looks like a pretty healthy garden (so far!) on my fire escape- growing tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, baby carrots and some flowers and herbs. i'm thinking of biking to work. i want to make a summer out of flying kites, eating watermelon in the park, and bringing picnics to the beach. what are some of you (all 2 of you!) doing for a spring greening?
Amanda said...

I was thinking of putting in a very small garden this year. But gardening seems like a lot of work for how much one person eats, and also I don't know what I'm doing, so I definitely think small is key. Also I might just not do it if it turns out to be too much trouble. I'm terrible.

johnnn said...

same thing I do every year - trying to work on my tan!

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