momofuku ko

food blogging is back in full force- i know you were tired of all that money stuffs. i've been cooking up a storm lately as well as doing my part to revitalize the economy by eating out.

despite the fact that it's only april, i already know my dinner at momofuku ko will go down as the dinner of the year. it might even take the cake for best dinner ever, at least until someone takes me to per se. (any takers?)

if you haven't already read tina's whole review, read it here. she has amazing pictures, and grace didn't get some shots of my favorite dishes, like the fluke sashimi and the prettier, more sophisticated twin of mcdonalds' apple pie, accented by red miso paste.

after reading how hard it was to get reservations at momofuku ko, i consider myself to be unduly blessed at being able to dash off a quick email to tina in response to her chowhound post in order to secure a seat. poor frank bruni.

in our party of 4, there were varying permutations of agreement on favorites. i loved the deep fried braised short ribs, but tina didn't. grace adored the pineapple sorbet and i thought it was just okay. but i think we all agreed on this dish.

coddled egg with soubise onions, sweet potato vinegar, hackleback caviar, potato chips, chervil

i know it sounds complicated, and possibly incongruous, but it was lovely. the golden savory yolk, salty caviar and crispy potato chips all worked together, none overpowering the other.

we had 11 courses in all; each of them memorable. it was a surprise of an evening and as i walked out of the restaurant feeling stuffed and content, i was reminded of the immense luck that went into getting this reservation. a great reason to be browsing the internets while at work...

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