design round-up

maybe you've noticed i've been a little absent lately? between a work gala, grad school research, and our roommate moving out, it's been a hectic time. grace and i took spring cleaning to a whole new level and made quite a bit of money in our first ever stoop sale. while it's tempting to use this money to plan a vacation, we're using it to redecorate parts of our apartment. this means i'm spending a crazy amount of time on design blogs and have a weekend of sanding and painting a new dresser to look forward to. i'll keep you update on all our refurbishing, and hopefully will have some tips to share at the end of this process.

in the meantime, here's some inspiration i'm using to keep me going.

wallpaper and great color palette

i'm thinking of buying this poster for the new room, which is painted a pale blue-green.

we're re-painting a dresser and i can only hope for it to look as good as this hutch does. i'm replacing the drawer pulls with these maybe? in mint?

great slideshow of different framing/hanging ideas. i think we're going to go with more of a mixed media look, using wine crates backed with decorative paper as shadow boxes.

we've settled on a rug from pottery barn, and these great vintage feeling curtains, so now we're just left with a couple more decorative touches.

and i love this way of hanging dishes- would it look weird above the sofa?

oh and of course if you're in nyc, please come and stay with us!
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