unexpected hiatus

i didn't mean to leave you hanging like that, i promise. i could give you all these excuses about how i got this awful bug that's going around, had to get on a plane, have been swamped with studying for my gmats, but the real truth is this:

i was hanging out with goofy and minnie mouse (that's my cousin adrienne on the right). despite being horribly congested the whole time, i had a wonderful time in LA on vacation with my family. it was nice to feel the sun on my face, and to see my toes again.

in other news:

--the debriefs on the current financial crises will continue, looks like bernanke's in it for the long haul too, so i'll try to keep y'all up to date.

--fortuitously i got to eat out at the most sought-after reservation with a fellow food blogger two weeks ago. her post is here: "elation at momofuku ko." i'll post my own pictures soon, but hers are much better and she was much more through in her review. i was too busy shoving food in my mouth to do anything more than nod and smile, let alone take notes.

--uh, i cut my hair and donated it? yup.
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