what to eat at disneyland

in case any of you dear readers decide to visit disneyland soon, be assured that the food is not universally awful, like i first thought. since most of my associations with disney food are about those candy buttons you peel off paper, i was worried about being able to eat well while at disneyland. i consulted with Chowhound and found list after list of suggestions for what to eat at disney theme parks, which i promptly printed out and stuffed in my luggage. upon arrival at disneyland, i was proud to pull out my list (my entire family thought i was insane) and point us in the direction of the best food in the park.

okay, it's obviously not the healthiest food in the world, but it's tasty and it's in a theme park, which makes it extraordinary.

at the far end of main street, right near the statue of walt and mickey there is a bright red wagon that only sells corn dogs. they are hand dipped and they are delicious. honestly it may be one of the best corn dogs i've ever had in my life(sorry castilleja camp!).

directly across the walkway from the jungle cruise is an outpost hut called bengal barbecue that has these great spicy or sweet beef skewers, plus an all veggie version that is probably best all-around eating for vegetarians in the park. they also have bacon wrapped asparagus, which i was dumb enough not to get. my brother's girlfriend got them though (i love her already!) and let me share.

right outside the tiki room (my favorite attraction as a child) is dole's pineapple stand, which serves creamy pineapple frozen yogurt. you can get it as a float too, but you'll save a couple bucks, and get more food, if you get the yogurt and juice separately.

i'm embarrassed to say this, but i also ate an entire fried chicken dinner from Market Square right outside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. it was actually pretty good, partially because i took a chowhounder's advice and asked for it "well-done", so they'd have to make me a new plate instead of giving me what was under the heatlamp.

fyi for the frugal: none of this food was cheap, or even inexpensive. it was very overpriced and for that reason, i also ate some pulled pork sandwiches we brought from home. so if you're not comfortable spending so much money for food whose primary redemption is that it is convenient and not totally awful, then just bring food with you.
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