hill country

hill country is justin timberlake's new bbq place in new york city, and that alone is enough to make one duly wary. a celebrity restaurant plus regional food? remember britney's failed NYLA? however, miraculously, hill country has been getting really good reviews on the chowhound boards so my friends and i planned a trip. i think some of us were secretly hoping to see JT too.

no JT, but the food was good. the beef and pork ribs were moist and falling-off-the-bone tender. the brisket came in two varieties: moist and lean, both of which were moist and flavorful. the lean variety didn't have the ribbons of fat though. the bbq sauce, which i learned later on was taboo, was a good balance of tomato sweetness and vinegar. the sides were good too, but not as good as the meat. the baked beans were just okay, but the mac and cheese was rightfully rich and gooey.

i think we all agreed we'd go back if it weren't for the high prices. the ordering process is complicated; you order your items from different stations and they put a sticker on your card. at the end, you show your card to tally up the bill. i inadvertently spent $31 dollars on dinner, partially because it was hard to tell how much things were going to cost before they were weighed and stickered. next time, i will be more cautious about asking the price beforehand. everyone can still learn how to manage their money better...!

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