what i am (links)

never let me go by kazuo ishiguro
a compelling, plot-driven first read from the writer of remains of the day. i can't tell if the second read will be boring, or even more revealing. a fast book to get through- it took me a week of 20 min. commutes.

sarah vowell's op-ed in the NYT about MLK
i know, everyone's read it. but it is worth a mention, partly because her book assassination vacation reminded me of the power of history.

the black swan by nassim nicholas taleb
just like "getting to yes" i think this book is a must read for anyone interested in anything. a great, reasoned argument to expose the gaps in our current cultural logic.

the diving bell and the butterfly
despite finding julian schnabel's personality off-putting
his version of this heartbreaking story deserves every praise it gets, most especially calling it "moving","humane" and "richly atmospheric".

the lives of others

the first movie in a long time that make me cry tears of both sadness and happiness. i can't believe it took me this long to watch it.

the wild parrots of telegraph hill
it is on my list for this weekend, partly to see the parrots i've heard about while growing up in the bay area, and partly for the scenery of california, which i greatly miss in the winter.

my mom used to keep a can in her car while we were growing up and would snack on them while stuck in traffic. now i can get them bulk at the co-op, salted or unsalted, and eat them all day at work. a great quick hunger buster.

i'm a sucker for greek mythology- my favorite poem is the painfully misogynistic (and probably fascist) leda and the swan and despite the huge hassle of eating pomegranates i can't help but be mesmerized by those glowing red seeds and thinking about persephone and how they were just so tempting. you can't blame her.

no-knead bread i made last weekend
i would be lying if i claimed a victory over bread making in accomplishing this. yes, it did turn out looking like something you'd buy in at a fancy parisian bakery. and yes, it did taste amazing, partially due to the use of some rosemary salt that i bought in sweden a couple of years ago. but. BUT. i didn't do anything. seriously. i'll post about it later, but it was truly magic.

key lime bars
the last time i made these i was under a serious time constraint. i had just gotten off a delayed 6 hour flight at 8pm and needed to bring some treats to work the next day. luckily they came through in a pinch. and were delicious!

something to fill the space behind the sink. those glass mason jars that are supposed to hold flour aren't cutting it.
how about this?

new special band-aids
with a house full of tiny cats who don't know how to retract their claws yet, putting these on has become a daily ritual.
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