some people i know love etsy. our upstairs neighbors decorated their wedding, grace got me my christmas present and i bought most of my presents this year all from etsy. other people just give me a blank "huh?" stare when i mention it. honestly, i wish more people used it, because it is one of the most exciting shopping opportunities there is, and for shoppers like me, that is hard to come by.

unlike a regular online marketplace, like amazon or overstock, etsy offers independent crafters a venue to post all their wares and customers to access various "shops" all from one central place. you can search within type, like "jewelry" or "pottery" and even more specifically, "earrings", or you can search for overall themes, like the ever popular "owls" or, for me, "eyeballs".

due to the sheer number of crafters on etsy, you're bound to find something unique and relatively cheap- simple economics ensures that the more popular the site, the more competition amongst crafters and the lower the prices.

grace got me the above eyeball necklace made out of felted wool for christmas this year. it is perfect and i can't imagine she would have found something so funny and unique anywhere else.

NY Times on Etsy

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