christmas lights in brooklyn

there is something so magical about seeing holiday lights start appearing on houses around the neighborhood. as a kid, it was both a sign of good things to come and one of those things themselves, especially when we'd all pile in the car and take a trip to one of those streets where each and every house was entirely covered in lights and various movable figures. in my hometown the street was affectionately called "christmas tree lane".

upon moving to the city, i was saddened to think that this holiday tradition would be over, until this year (a full 7 years after i moved here!)when gothamist posted about the lights in the dyker heights section of brooklyn. after doing some research about good places to eat (thanks chowhound!) we set off.

when people think about brooklyn, or maybe when i thought about brooklyn as a teenager, i never pictured houses like these. brooklyn is so incredibly diverse and so woefully misrepresented in our common imagination. dyker heights is full of mansions; old colonial, tudor, french estates, italian villas. and each and every one decorated to the nines. we got out and walked around, christmas music blaring from each houses' speakers, making a confused, yet cheery, christmas cacophony.

afterward we headed over to one of the oldest diners in brooklyn, which apparently has a full soda counter still intact and homemade ice cream. sadly, we never got to see it, because, like many other small town diners, they closed very early on weeknights.

for a while last year, i was dead set on moving to la- things have changed since then, but this is yet another reason to stay in brooklyn; i still want to try that ice-cream.

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