bacon flow chart

the genius of this flow chart is in the details, which resonate strongly with me, and i'm sure with every other bacon lover out there.

exhibit a: "a good home is not complete without bacon." very true. at any given time you will find two different kinds of bacon (usually peppered applewood smoked from nueskes and dry-cured from niman ranch via the co-op) in my freezer- perfect for making some bodega beans . (i'll post that recipe soon!)

exhibit b: "the price of great bacon is eternal vigilance." i wish i wasn't so well acquainted with this one, seeing how many potentially delicious slices i've ruined. i too like my bacon crispy, and have been known to do the annoying "can you please take this back and cook it until it's crispy?" ask at restaurants. as much as i love bacon, i hate hate hate limp, fatty, undercooked grocery store bacon. i guess i'm not an unconditional bacon lover after all. but unconditional love is a little boring, no? true love, like good bacon, also requires eternal vigilance- and it doesn't hurt to be able to make a mean blt.

exhibit c: "withholding bacon from a dog is inhumane." while i can't speak to specifics of having a dog, my own anecdotal evidence tells me that the same is true for cats. the other day i was sitting at my kitchen table, innocently chewing some beef jerky (i got three packs for christmas!) and contemplating which of the many mangled pieces i would eat next. i laid out all the contenders on the table and the next thing i know francie has jumped up on the table and is eating my beef jerky! it was alternately frustrating (those were the best pieces!) and deeply endearing. that is truly my cat.

someone needs to make kitchen towels, t-shirts, tote-bags, etc with this flow-chart. I’m sure there would be a huge demand.

Bacon Flow Chart over at Incredimazing
johnnn said...

emilio is super into beef jerky too, I had one of those zip-sealed mass-produced bags of it you get at gas stations etc (jack links) and he was desperately trying to get inside and I was like 'hahaha this will be a frustrating but educational game for him to play' thinking he wouldn't be able to open it. but the next thing I knew I heard a big rip and he had like somehow torn it open and was eating the shit out of it! he also loves roast beef, which I also used to feed scraps of to those homeless cats we had a couple years ago. I think emilio and francie should hang out, maybe she needs a surrogate (and more importantly neutered) baby daddy to help her out with the kids, or at least they could hang out and eat jerky together

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