meat pigs

last year, while at the la farmer's market, grace took this amazing picture. (by the way, all the good pictures on this site are attributed to her. all the blurry, odd-angled bad ones are by me.) who knew you could use ground pork as a sculpting material? some artist out there needs to capitalize on this, quick.

on a related note, i was recently reading this metafilter thread about the differences between bacon now and bacon back in the 'olden days' as well as the different names for bacon in various parts of the world.
some good takeaways: bacon back before refrigeration was (almost!) an entirely different animal- it was more of a salt-cured pork belly, very thick and needing a lot of preparation in order to make it edible. i always wondered why there was so much boiling of bacon in the laura ingalls books; apparently it was needed to remove a lot of salt from the meat. also, there are many different versions of bacon. it doesn't signify a standard meat, like "porkchop" does. while i've tried (and not loved) canadian bacon, i'm on the lookout for other varieties to try.
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