more than the sum of its parts

while this phrase can be used to describe any number of things, when describing the pizookie it finally achieves the full intended effect. obviously there is nothing bad about a warm chocolate chip cookie the size of your pillow or ice cream or hot fudge or caramel sauce, but take that same cookie and cover it with a full on ice-cream sundae immediately upon removal from the oven and you've got yourself a winner. grab a couple of spoons, a handful of friends, and new year's eve tv countdown, and start the year off oh-so-wrong.

you can use the chocolate chip cookie recipe here. oh, and thanks to heddy, my best college roommate for introducing me to this midwestern bastardization of dessert. without you, my life would never be so good.

Heddy said...

YAY! that's me! and one of my favorite things in the world... thanks for the shout out~

beautiful photos, grace... definitely do justice to the essence of the pizookie. (grace, you should also know that there was a kid robot labbit amongst my christmas experience)

andrea, you should try this choc chip cookie recipe from king arthur's flour without the almond extract (refrigerate up to 24 hours) delish!

must do a park slope based get together in the new year, kelly will also be settling into your stomping ground at that point...

more later! xoxoxoxoxox

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