hawaiian island vowels

in the middle of this terrible cold spell (it feels like even my bones are frozen solid by the windchill), i'm getting great pleasure out of looking at our pictures of hawaii.

this whole adventure started last fall when, by an extraordinarily improbable stroke of luck, i just happened to be browsing the internets at the exact time that some dolt at united mis-listed an $850 roundtrip ticket from nyc to honolulu for only $250. yup, that's right. so for $300 (with taxes), grace and i jetted off to hawaii for a week of sun and rest. oh, and b/c i'm a total daddy's girl, and my dad is awesome, he upgraded us up to first class with his miles. first class airplane food, ftw.

so, due to our primary interest in life being food, we decided to stay on oahu because of the abundance of good, cheap, local food. because of budgetary concerns, we split our time between a fancy resort on a remote part of the island and my aunt's house in diamond head. i had no idea what to expect from the house, since it's only her vacation home and she wasn't going to be there, but it was beautiful, with wide, sweeping ocean views and those heart stopping sunsets. uhhh, the only thing i can say in my defense is that these situations rarely happen to me, and i've probably used up all my good luck/karma in this trip.

staying on oahu was a good call, because we were able to eat our way around the island with ample time for repeats of our favorites. highlights included shave ice (no, it's not called shaved ice; it is purposefully present tense. don't ask me why) at aoki's, hawaiian food at ono hawaiian foods, (see my before and after pictures below), and the aforeblogged taro pie. and the sine que non of every future trip to anywhere within the hawaiian islands: giovanni's shrimp truck, which convinced me, with probably a pound of butter and head of garlic, that i really, really, really like shrimp.

oh, and the beaches were nice too. all blue-green water and white sand, and at dusk they'd turn into these mirrors of pink wisps and of course there have been millions of people who try to describe the trifecta of relaxation, contentment and beauty that is hawaii, so i'm not really going to bother here. i will say though that the hawaiian people are particularly enamored of vowels, which makes giving and getting directions in hawaii an experience straight out of the muppet show. and makes me love hawaii even more.

Anonymous said...

Those shrimp trucks between Chinaman's Hat and the North Shore are awesome. That was the halfway point of my bike ride around Pali Highway / Kaneohe / North Shore / Wahiawa / Waikiki. I wanted to eat more but still had 50 miles of riding to do......Javo

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