moon, eyes, pies

another new culinary discovery for me, and one which opened up so many exciting possibilities: pizza dough is cheap + easy to make. for the longest time i would buy the frozen kind and defrost it in the fridge, only to find it tough and unwilling to stretch beneath my knuckles- which is a key requirement of pizza dough. enter my friends jes (of hello popliteus fame) and shannon, who showed us how simple homemade pizza dough is to make via a delicious white bean, garlic and cheese specimen.

while that pizza was very good, i can't really consider anything food that doesn't have some sort of meat in it (sorry my vegetarian friends!), so my own take on the homemade dough base consisted of the classics: last sweet tomatoes of the season, fresh basil from the yard, fresh mozzerella, and some crispy pepperoni. i can't say it gets much better than that.

ironically, this recipe is from vegetarian planet.

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