garden profiles

here's a picture of the first flower from my fire-escape garden. i planted these seeds way back in may, and they've provided me with flowers the entire summer. in the future, i'll make sure to plant as many flowers as produce; they are so pretty and really brighten up the windowsill. of all the things i could buy, i think fresh flowers have the greatest return for me. and to think i can just grow them! plus the cats love looking at the bees...

this is our basil plant this summer. i am not as proud of it as i am of the flowers, mainly because it wasn't raised from seeds. we bought it mostly fully grown from liberty garden center out in red hook. despite not being as pretty as the flowers, it has definitely come in handy in the kitchen. i hope to move it indoors in the colder days to come. i don't think it is bred to survive the winters in an apartment, but i'm sure going to try.
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