hot dogs!

hello - i (grace) am guest posting on caketime to tell you about some cake (and hot dogs...and pork sandwiches...and orange soda). awhile ago andrea and i went to a crazy good chilean bakery/hot dog store (ie best place on earth) in astoria - san antonio bakery #2 (the other one, appropriately named #1, is near JFK). it really was kind of awhile ago, so i won't get into the details, but this place had some nice hot dogs, pork sandwiches, and orange soda. the cake wasn't the highlight, but i blame andrea for ordering the wrong thing. hot dogs and pork sandwiches are seriously enhanced by the addition of large amounts of avocado and mayonnaise - two of my favorite things. perhaps it's odd to put mayonnaise and avocado on a hot dog (less so on a pork sandwich) but at the first bite it made complete sense. really very delicious. and if it's possible to eat a hot dog in one bite, i think maybe andrea did. this place, with helpful owner ruben, travel shows about chile on the tv, and little red boat-type holders for the hot dogs, was well worth the trip. i can't recommend the cake in the picture - go for more dulce de leche oriented desserts maybe? - this one had a secret jam layer which i really can't abide by. (i am firmly against fruit+chocolate)
and a word on orange soda - it's not just the stuff of children's birthday parties.

san antonio bakery
36-20 astoria boulevard
astoria, ny 11103
Juma said...

It's not often I get a craving for hot dogs but I did last weekend...YUM. I will have to try the mayo and avocado bit =).

Juma said...

It's not often that I crave a hotdog but I did last weekend. I will try it with avocados and mayo.

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