hello friends. i'm sorry to have left you for so long. it was a very busy august. i've not been posting, or cooking, (or sleeping for that matter), but i have been studying for my gmats. but that's no excuse. they are over now, and life as normal can resume.

here is my list of things i am looking forward to about fall. i hope we can do some of these things together, or at least together in spirit:

--take long walks in the evening with leaves crunching underfoot
--playing board games with friends on rainy days
--eating chocolate croissants on sunday mornings (from trader joe's?)
--watching old movies at home with popcorn and sundaes
--reading through the stack of magainzes that built up over the summer
--cooking one last pot of tomato soup
--re-painting my new/old dresser in dusty blue

i'm looking forward to spending more time here at caketime this fall, and i hope you'll join me.
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