way overdue, but i guess it is maybe fitting that i'm posting these pictures of the 4th of july on the eve of the RNC? i WAS in the solidly red state of virginia when these were taken, although maybe it will go blue in this election?! sorry, obviously i have politics on the brain. (and those of you who indulged in a bit of schadenfreude with me yesterday know how exciting it can be!)

moving on. did you ever ride the pirates of the caribbean ride at disneyland? do you remember the very begining of the ride, right after you get in the boat, when you are drifting past the dock/restaurant in the murky dark, with the sounds of crickets, and far-away people? and those fake, but sweet nonetheless, fireflies, blinking lazily near the water? if you had grown up in the south, this may be a familar scene to you outside of the magic of disney, but for a californian like me, this bayou took my breath away each and every time. well, these pictures are a close approximation of what it was like to actually live this scene, instead of the brief disney interlude i usually have. the air was heavy and damp, the water was perfectly still and the sparklers gave off the most glowing of glows.

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