housekeeping + money

a few quick fyi's:

-i'll be in virgina (see picture above) for the weekend taking a much needed mini-vacation. but not to worry readers! i'm all set up to post an asian food trifecta, in response to the fact that i'll be in just about the whitest place in the country. look forward to it.

-we'll be shifting focus a little on this blog to make sure you're all covered during these rough financial times. with tax season before us, and a recession looming, i want to make sure you all know what's what and can make sense of the crises that seem to occur almost daily. so in addition to my regular posts on financial advice (diversifying your savings is up next), i'll be posting a bit about markets, economic policy and what to do tips.

-speaking of tips, i just heard that some companies that are filing chapter 11 bankruptcy are able to suspend their acceptance of gift cards because of a loophole allowing the gift card income to be treated as a loan to the company. long story short, if you have gift cards/certificates stockpiled from the holidays, use it ASAP. a short list of companies that have filed chapter 11 recently included: the sharper image, lillian vernon, georgette klinger and fortunoff. in all honesty, it will probably actually get worse, especially for small businesses, so use those gift cards!
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