crazy asian treats

in the same vein as those crazy asian pizza crusts (thanks robyn and john!), here's a link to a business week article (via serious eats) about more crazy asian treats.

the marketing/tailoring of "western" food from large chains to the international market is so fascinating, don't you think? despite the high costs of recipe development and increased training/production, businesses are still willing to modify their apparently "consistent" taste for the benefit of a new market. this is particularly interesting when you consider the fact that the draw of many of these places is to have a similar product halfway around the world. it just goes to show that when there is money to be made, crazy things can happen. these candy bars are a great example.

i'm actually very interested in the red bean kit kat bar, as well as the chocolate flavored cheese, which is apparently a huge enough hit to inspire copycats. it looks totally disgusting, but on the other hand, who am i to judge? i love cheese flavored ice cream. i guess there's no accounting for taste.

Adding an Asian Flavor to Chocolate via Business Week
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