northern neck

the northern neck of virginia is home to many treasures. this ginger ale is one of them. clean, crisp, dry and not too sweet, it is the perfect antidote to to sticky-sweet variety you might get in the airplane or grocery store. keeping a constant supply of it in the fridge causes me to sometimes feel like a drug smuggler; we're always having to make random detours when we're in virginia to horde up the stuff and then squishing all our luggage to one side of the trunk to make room for the stacked containers. all this for a ginger ale? yes, its that good.
Anonymous said...

I love NN ginger ale! I used to live in the Northern Neck (about 10 years ago, give or take) and my dad turned me on to it. I haven't had it since I moved. We recently got Fanta ginger ale in our soda fountain at work, and people are thrilled to have something different. Nuh uh...I've been telling anyone who will listen that anything other than NN (and a few select others) is GARBAGE. I even went so far as to order a case from the bottling plant there in Montross, VA, lol. I'll give a *few* to select coworkers, but I'm going to hoarde the rest for myself. (I live in Atlanta, and the shipping for a case costs more than the ginger ale itself, lol)

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