breakfast sandwich

i've noted my general dislike for breakfast foods here before, but never mentioned what i consider to be the breakfast gold standard: bacon, eggs and toast. growing up, this was my father's sole contribution to our family's mealtimes, but he made up for lack of quantity in exactitude. the eggs were sunny side up, with yolks runny but whites set and almost browned. bacon was nothing less than crispy, but never so much that it was burnt, and the toast was warm, but never crunchy. even eating it followed a prescribed ritual -all parts had to be equally rationed so that the last bite would be warm toast sopping up the dregs of your spilled yolk, followed by the last 1/4 of a slice of bacon.

as an adult, i've found it extremely difficult to get the timing right on this meal, not to mention the stress involved in the rationing of the parts. so, when grace offered to make me a breakfast sandwich and this beauty turned up on my plate, i knew the gold standard had been replaced. putting all the parts together in sandwich form served the dual purposes of eliminating the timing issue and the rationing issue in one fell swoop. and grace did my dad one better by adding cheese, which i think was particularly inspired. while this is no daily breakfast (i don't think our hearts could take it), it is certainly my favorite way to start the day.

bacon, egg + cheese breakfast sandwich

in a large, cold pan, place strips of bacon so that they don't touch. cook over medium low heat for 10-12 mins, turning frequently. remove from heat and drain on paper towels.

drain pan of 1/2 of bacon fat. fry eggs in bacon fat, until whites bubble and brown at edges. add salt and pepper to yolks immediately before removing from pan. while heaing bread to just warmed in toaster, cut thin slices of cheddar cheese and melt on warm egg. assemble sandwiches, adding a dollop of mayo if you're grace and don't mind dying a little early.
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