new year + pig candy

it's my birthday tomorrow and it feels perfectly right that i'm turning 26. a lot has happened in the past year, and hopefully this new year will bring exciting and heretofore unknown delights and challenges. last year, i was given THE BEST PRESENT EVER and i'd like to formally recognize it here and bestow upon its creators an additional ever more grateful thanks.

so, in case you don't know, i have a potato. he was an abandoned stuffed toy from my days working with children who have terminal illnesses at the ronald mcdonald house in high school. i, being a sucker for anything abandoned, took him in and christened him edgar allen poe-tato- a rare stroke of genius, right? edgar and i have been friends for many years now, and he is probably my single most important possession. last year, when i was out of town, a photo-shoot was arranged for edgar in the traditional poses. the photo above turned out to be the starting point for a hilarious and touching tribute portrait, in pastels, titled "edgar allen poe-tato in repose, with carnations." hope and jen, you are both genius darlings and my forever friends.

also, grace made me some eyeball cupcakes. which, in addition to being slightly menacing, were really delicious.

even though it is my birthday, boy, do i have some present for you. unless you are a vegetarian. if not, these next two words are going to blow your mind: candied bacon.

yes, candied bacon, aka pig candy, is a totally legitimate foodstuffs. so legitimate, in fact, that it has been received at two recent brunches with perfect decorum. at least at first. at some point there will be swooning, and a total lack of restraint. and, i'll warn you, it can get ugly with the last piece. don't worry, it's easy to make.

1 package bacon, preferable thick-cut and applewood or hickory smoked
1/2 cup light brown sugar
cayenne pepper optional

line a large baking sheet with foil. place a cooling rack on top. line bacon tightly nested together on top of the cooling rack. pack brown sugar on top of bacon. sprinkle cayenne pepper on top. cook in a 400F oven for 35-40 mins.

sadly, this new discovery conflicts with the traditional goals of "many more birthdays to come!" oh! but i also have wii fit! those balance each other out right?
Anonymous said...

Hey, what an amazing present. the cakes look nice too. Do you have the receipt? :)

Kind regards from Germany.

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