502 swan song + ribs

last night, one of the most unique and magical places in brooklyn, or maybe even ever, had its party swan song. it was a fitting ending; ripe with emotion, energy, and fireworks. the house itself, while in its last tumultuous throes, was still beating - radiating the same eerie confidence it always did.

i was glad to have known this house and its members during various iterations, and although i never spent a great deal of time there, i was saddened to hear it would be changing hands. places, especially homes, can become imbued with such strong emotional resonances- seeping into the walls, buried into the plaster- that leaving can mean losing access to huge swaths of our inner landscape. i know i will be similarly devastated upon our inevitable move from this apartment; let's hope it will be under less contentious circumstances. although, hopefully, there will also be the flip side of excitement, fear, and opportunity that comes with embarking on such a momentous change.

i wanted to contribute something to this night, and since i'm talented in no other way than in the kitchen, i thought i'd make some food. some ribs, to be exact. they'd been made at 502 before, so they're no stranger, but i was hoping to perfect them for this special night. i'm not actually sure if they were great, as opposed to just being good, but maybe the speed in which they were eaten should be an indication? let's re-christen them in commemoration!

ribs 502 style, inspired by my mom

for the ribs
2 racks pork baby back spare ribs
2 heads garlic
1 bunch parsley

roughly chop parsley and 2 heads (12 cloves) of garlic. combine. salt and pepper the ribs and spread them with parsley garlic mixture. wrap tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 2 and up to 24 hours.

for the bbq sauce
1 cup light brown sugar
1 cup ketchup
4 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
2 tablespoons white vinegar

combine until sugar is dissolved throughly.

grill meat with garlic and parsley over open flames for 20-30 mins, until meat has a charred on both sides. brush bbq sauce on meat while still on grill and leave on 2-3 more minutes. take meat off grill and brush additional bbq sauce on, rest for 2-3 minutes and serve while still hot.
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