i can't help but re-post this very dear story of a lost japanese parrot who found his way home by telling local authorities his name and address. it's every pet owner's dream to have a lost pet return, and by such a cheap and foolproof method no less! additionally, it was very touching and hilarious to hear that the parrot refers to himself as "mr. yosuke nakamura". i definitely spent a couple of minutes imagining my cats having surnames- would francie be a "miss" or a "ms."? (okay, i'm officially crazy now)

it seems like there is some cosmic force drawing me to parrot-related things: a feature article in the new yorker about alex, the african gray who just died, and who was also a pretty prolific communicator; the wild parrots of telegraph hill, a heartbreaking movie about wild parrots in san fransisco (apparently there are wild parrots in nyc too!) and this article- all in a pretty short period of time, despite having basically ignored all parrot existence for 25 years.

now i realize how amazing parrots are: smart, emotional, funny. hopefully soon the taunt "birdbrain" will mean something totally different.
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