may day donuts

before i inundate you with the many baked goods we've made in the past three weeks, let's mix it up and try these on for size:

maybe i should have posted these sometime ago, on april 20th perhaps? (mom, dad, if you're reading this, you should probably stop here...) those days are far behind me now, but there were quite a few april 20th's and may 1st's (may day is jay day, at least it was in san francisco when i was in high school) when eating this whole plate of donuts was totally, completely, possible (and pretty probable too).

now, my association with these donuts is much more respectable. two saturdays a month i teach a class on money management to adults who live in public housing. grace picks me up after the class, and after 5 hours straight of talking about money, the only thing i want to do is stuff my face with jelly donuts, washed down with chocolate milk. i usually get through about one and a half donuts- although not for lack of trying. the ones above are from peter pan bakery in greenpoint. they are some of the freshest, most authentically donut-y donuts in the city, the donut plant not withstanding. maybe the best aspect of peter pan is that there are two different creme filling options: bavarian creme, which is thicker and more custardy and white creme, which is fluffy and similar to frosting. get both. and a jelly too. i know i've blogged about these donuts before, but i think on this day, if you're 'celebrating', they're worth a second mention.

peter pan bakery

727 Manhattan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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