sadie + money

one part of the exciting news at caketime is that i have a new online finance column! yes, that sounds super boring, but i'm targeting teenage girls, and i'll try to make it a little fun.

i've always felt that the teen girl demographic is one of the most important ones for financial literacy educators to reach, and yet the most elusive. they only care about money in order to spend it, and they really, really, don't have the patience to sit and listen to some ol' boring person blabber on about interest rates. but they are extremely heavily marketed to, and have mostly disposable income, and so very much internalize messages the media sends about shopping creating your self worth, and needing more, newer, stuff constantly. and obviously this also very much applies to the post-college woman as well, i think. if we approach learning about money just like we approach any other health/wellness topic, women would jump right on the finance bandwagon. what is needed is a way to reach them that's familar, and integrate finances into everyday life seamlessly, while still teaching them the basics.

so when sadie magazine invited me to start writing a regular column on money, i was thrilled! go check out the first column now!
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