thanksgiving desserts?

there are two potential thanksgiving desserts here; one from my mom's kitchen, and one from the mcdonalds in hawaii. you can guess which will be more probable at our thanksgiving table, although i'm sure us filipinos would enjoy the taro pie just as much.

the first is from my recent trip to hawaii with grace (oh, i didn't mention it before? btw, we went to hawaii!) where an advertisment for this very taro pie greeted us constantly on our drives. let's just say mcdonalds is pretty popular there. after seeing it in techicolor so many times, we were curious to see the live model, especially since it is so innocently wrapped in the same apple pie exterior. to break an "apple pie" open to a flood of pale lavender is quite an experience. and actually really delicious too, if you like taro, which is from the yam family, and similar to a golden sweet potato but a little starchier. in the philippines they call it ube, and they use it primarily in desserts.

the second is one of my mom's many amazing creations, and sadly, i don't think it will make it to thanksgiving. to give some context on my mom, this was just for a regular potluck. seriously. this woman is not joking around with dessert. the recipe (including my mom's handwritten comments) is below. i think for thanksgiving she is making pumpkin cheesecake and some probably equally as impressive apple something. oh, and i looked over the recipe and it looks complicated. props to you if you make it, and mad props to my mom!

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