purple + royal jelly

most of us read "matilda" and "danny, the champion of the world" with nothing but delight, but did you know roald dahl was a master of the creepily terrifying short story? i remember reading one of his best examples, royal jelly, while on vacation when i was 10 or so and being thoroughly messed up by it. the story opens innocently enough, with a dad worrying about his ailing baby, but soon takes a super creepy turn when he takes royal jelly (the food bees make for their larvae) from his beehive to strengthen her and she (and he) start to resemble bees. okay, maybe it's a little obvious nowadays, but it scared the crap out of me at 10.

fast forward to 7 or 8 years later, i'm in some nondescript health food store and i see "royal jelly" on the shelf. other than totally creeping me out, i was fascinated by the fact that human do indeed harvest and consume it for medicinal purposes. what does this long winded story have to do with today, and the pictures above?

well, for one, i am battling an epic cold that has reduced me to staying indoors for 4 of the past 5 days, and can probably use some royal jelly about now. and two, for some reason i always imagined royal jelly as purple- maybe that "royal" part about it? it's not- it looks like condensed milk. but wouldn't it be fun if some purple royal jelly was all i needed to rid me of this awful cold? here's to hoping!

p.s. the macarons are from madeline in chelsea and the grape cider (i asked for it cold) was from a tiny storefront in fort greene that i passed on my way home from "the great pupkin"- pics to come!
Raj said...

your picture is very cute..:)..did not understand anything about the crisis but your blogs from March and April helped me get a better grasp of things...Could you please post the links that you were talking about...

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