planning for visitors

grace and i counted last night: we have 20 separate visitors coming to stay at our house in the next three months! it's a shocking number all tallied up; the result of a number of factors that are newly unique in our lives. we have a house, with more than one bedroom. we live in the middle of the country, with a relatively easy to access airport. people often need to come to minneapolis, but don't know anyone here. and lastly, the most important - minnesota summers are just magic. we've been selling them hard to our friends and family since moving, and people are listening!

we're so excited to have so many of our loved ones come to visit, but it's also a tiny bit nerve wracking. so we're working on a project to become the best hosts we can be: listing the wifi password in obvious places, putting out carafes of water before bed, and compotes!

i'm sure 90% of the american public has some form of fruit/yogurt/granola for breakfast, and we'd like to offer our very own version of that for our guests.

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