robin's egg blue

five years is a long time. since the last time i updated this blog, many things happened, both expected and unexpected:

1. i graduated from business school and was (somewhat shockingly) the exact same person i was before.

2. grace and i got married, mainly for tax reasons, but found it to be intensely moving and meaningful. and realized that the term "honeymoon" is accurate.

3. we left our home of 10 years in brooklyn and moved to the middle of the country, to a city we had only been once before, and bought a house and car.

4. we both experienced substantial professional growth, but also realized how little it means in comparison to our deepening friendships, which have grown to be some of the most meaningful relationships of our lives.

5. a nest of robin's eggs appeared on our front porch nestled in our christmas wreath. just yesterday, all five baby birds finally flew away. 
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