swedish chef

there is lots and lots going on at caketime this month- i have loads of cakes to catch you up on, and other exciting developments, but until i get a break from the crushing amount of work i have (i also have a REAL job that, despite what it seems, can be pretty demanding), this will have to suffice.

when grace and i lived in san fransisco, i came home one day to this mini-kitchen in our kitchen. grace had purchased it and then left to do some errands. naturally, i squealed a little and then started opening all the mini-cupboards, and pouring liquid in all the mini-pots. by the time grace got home i had started to make a mini-soup in the largest stockpot- the broth was a mixture of milk and water, with some dried herbs thrown in for color. it was adorable, and i was helping the swedish chef stir it with the provided wooden spoon (before you decide i'm crazy, remember that i did list "puppets" as one of my interests, so at least i'm up front about it) and scheming up something to chop with the plastic mini-cleaver.

grace, having purchased it as a rare collectible, was NOT HAPPY (i'm being kind here) that i was seriously compromising the set by making such a ruckus. however, when she asked "what are you doing?" in a plaintive, stressed, way, i chose to ignore her and answered, "making soup and salad" like it was the obvious thing in the world. since, we've really taken to menacing the swedish chef's kitchen in all sorts of ways; this friendly invasion of brits just being the last.
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