oilcloth lunch bag

years ago, i promised you i'd try to make an oilcloth lunch bag from a martha stewart tutorial. however, on closer inspection, i realized her tutorial was woefully lacking in detail for a novice seamstress like myself. despite this setback, in a great effort to please, i pressed on and came up with this:

my oilcloth, (from ikea- a surprisingly good source for fabric!) was a little looser than martha's. this meant that my lunch bag doesn't stand up as well, and serves as more of a lunch sack than a proper bag. no matter- it still holds my lunch, contains spills, is pretty, and easily reusable, and was the product of my own two hands. i didn't bother with the velcro, although it would be very easy to attach. even with martha's lacking direction, it didn't take me too terribly long. a good project for a rainy afternoon; you can make a whole slew of these for presents too!

(ah! i just found this site with the pattern! this would have made my life much easier!)

-i'm assuming you have a sewing machine. if you don't, you can still do this project by hand with a little more time.
-fabric was $7.50 per yard. you can make approx. 2 of these.
total cost: $4.25 cents, plus you'll have lots of extra scraps of fabric
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