bacon on cake-time

please, please, please click here. this is the greatest thing to ever happen to this blog!
Amanda said...

Wow. I was not expecting that.

johnnn said...

haha perhaps not coincidentally I just found this app on another site and of course immediately tried loading cake-time with it, and lo and behold the first entry I read etc. I'm not sure when bacon became such a big deal on the internets but I'm glad

Heddy said...

i remember when you used to lie in your bed on a sunday morning and ask me to bring you back bacon from hewitt brunch. lol

btw, fr.pio tried leaving you a comment on this blog last week for a fun surprise but he said the comment would never go through b/c he couldn't see the letters or whatever for the verification code... strange. but just wanted to relay that he tried to say hi to you! :) when are you coming back to the shelter he asks.

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