kitten kaboodle

when i was younger, the word "kaboodle" meant that large plastic contraption that held all my markers; i'm sure it was some fad 80's item that has since long gone (yup, even a google search doesn't turn anything up), now kaboodle is my new website procrastinator. essentially a pimped amazon wishlist, you can sign up for a free account and install buttons on your browser that allow you to add any item, on any website, to a dedicated list on kaboodle. you can then send the url for the list around to your family, friends, partner, etc. truthfully though, i've found it most useful in collecting all the links to amazing things i see so that i remember what i really want when i get that long-awaited raise, instead of buying something i don't actually care about at all.


ps. this sun jar is on my wish list (you can see it here)

pps. when i did my search for kaboodle there were a bunch of references to "kitten kaboodles". since there are currently 5 kittens in my closet, i guess this qualifies.
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